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Press Release of the Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership, July 22, 19651965
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Message Regarding National Health, 19391939
Petitions Referred to the Senate Committee on Finance Regarding the Passage of the Revenue Acts of 1861 and 18621861/62
Petition of Mary Colcord, 18521852
Signed Oath of Office of Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI), 1963.1963
President Abraham Lincoln's Nomination of Ulysses S. Grant to be Lieutenant General of the U.S. Army, 18641967
President Abraham Lincoln's Nomination of Ulysses S. Grant to be Lieutenant General of the U.S. Army, 18641864
Nomination of Benjamin Fishbourn and Others, 17891789
Message from President Thomas Jefferson to Congress Regarding the Louisiana Purchase, 18041804
Excerpt of Message of President Andrew Jackson Protesting His Censure in the Senate, 18341834
Memorial of Inhabitants of Los Angeles County, California, 18501850
Letter from President Woodrow Wilson to Henry Cabot Lodge (R-MA), 19191919
Correspondence of the Senate Committee on Commerce Related to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 19661966
Letter from Lewis Machen to Senator William C. Rives, September 12, 18361836
Letter from Henry Cabot Lodge (R-MA) to President Woodrow Wilson, 19191919
Letter from William Jackson to Benjamin Fishbourn, September 25, 17891789
Letter Written by David Rice Atchison (D-MO), ca.1880, Addressing the Myth that he was President for One Dayca.1880
Entry in Senators Compensation and Mileage Ledger Related to the Senate Service of Rebecca Latimer Felton (D-GA)1922
Samuel Leavitt's Revolutionary War Journal, 17801780
Page from the Senate Journal Showing the Expungement of a Resolution to Censure President Andrew Jackson, 18341934
Eighteenth Amendment1919Landmark Legislation
Credentials for Rebecca Latimer Felton (D-GA), 19221922
1880 Census Document Identifying Andrew F. Slade as a "Page in the Senate"1880
Blue Slip, Senate Judiciary Committee, 19491949
Address by Senator Robert L. Owen (D-OK) on Judicial Recall1912
Subpoena of Charles Mitchell. January 24, 19331933
The Prayer of One Hundred Thousand, 18631963
Watergate Debate on Resolution to Establish a Select Committee to Investigate Certain Activities in the Presidential Election of 19721973
Pecora Letter from J. Kruttschnitt to Senator Fletcher. March 9, 19341934
Letter from Mr. Lammert to Senator Fletcher. April 2, 1934.1934
Memorial of Long Island City Homeowners. March 10, 19331933
Anti-Lynching Bill (S.24)1837Civil Rights
Andrew Jackson's Censure Expunged1935Censure
April 15, 1861: President Lincoln Calls Congress into Emergency Session1861Civil War
Clark Mills Petition, April 16, 18621862Petition
Letter from John Sherman to Ohio Governor William Dennison (Apr 20, 1861)1861Civil War
Artist Vinnie Ream: Senate Debate1866Civil War
Blanche K. Bruce's (R-MS) Certification of Election1974Elections
Citizens' Petition Against Dakota Territory Statehood Petition; Statehood
Civil Rights Act of 18751875Civil Rights
Civil Rights Act of 19571957Civil Rights
Civil Rights Act of 19601960Civil Rights
Civil Rights Act 19641964Civil Rights Act; Landmark Legislation
Civil Rights Act 1964 (H.R. 7152)1964Civil Rights; Landmark Legislation
Civil Rights Newsletters1964Civil Rights
Clara Barton's Letter to Senator Henry Wilson (Jan 18, 1863)1863Civil War
Clara Barton's Letter to Senator Henry Wilson (Jan 27, 1863)1863Civil War
Clara Barton's Second Letter to Henry Wilson (Jan 18, 1863)1863Civil War
Cloture Motion for the Civil Rights Act of 19641964Civil Rights
Colloquy between Senators Keating and Ervin, April 1, 19641964Civil Rights
Senate Debate on the Conduct of War (Dec 9, 1861)1861Civil War
Congressional Globe: July 4, 18611861Civil War
Senator Mansfield's Announcement of the Civil Rights Bill (Feb 17, 1964)1964Civil Rights
Congressional Record Excerpts from Final Day of Civil Rights Debates (Jun 18, 1964)1964Civil Rights Act
Colorado State Legislature Resolution for Direct Election1901Direct Election
Congressional Record, November 22, 19631963
Convention of West Virginia, praying For the admission of the State into the UnionCivil War
Credentials for Montana's First Senators1890Statehood
Credentials of Maine's First SenatorsElection; Statehood
Credentials for Missouri's First Senators 1921Election; Statehood
CRS Legislative History of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (1965)1965
District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act of 18621862Civil War; Civil Rights; Landmark Legislation
Enabling Act of 18891889Landmark Legislation
Enforcement Act of 18701870Landmark Legislation
Enforcement Act of February 18711871Landmark Legislation
Enforcement Act of April 18711871
Excerpt from Everett Dirksen’s Washington, 19681964Civil Rights
Excerpts from the Horn Log1964Civil Rights
Senate's Vote on a Treaty between United States and the Republic of Colombia (Mar 17, 1903)1903Treaties; Sessions
Farewell Address NotebookSenate Traditions
Federal Judiciary Act (1789)1789Landmark Legislation
Fifteenth Amendment1868Landmark Legislation
Final Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the WarCivil War; Committees; Investigations
Floor Speech by Senator Dirksen (Jun 10, 1964)1964Civil Rights
Fourteenth Amendment1866
Freedmen's Bureau ActCivil War; Landmark Legislation
Government Sunshine Act, P.L. 94-409, September 13, 19761976Watergate Investigation
Declaration of War with Rumania, WWII (H.J.Res. 321)1942War Powers
Declaration of War with Hungary, WWII (H.J.Res. 320 )1942War Powers
Declaration of War with Austria-Hungary, WWI (H.J.Res.169)1917War Powers
Declaration of War with Spain, 1898 (H.R. 10086)1898War Powers
H.R. 145 Declaration of War with Mexico, 18461846War Powers
Declaration of War with Bulgaria, WWII (H.R.Res. 319)1942War Powers
Harper's Ferry Investigation (1860)1860Civil War
Hawaii Annexation Resolution 1898
Hiram Revels Certificate of Election1870Election
Hiram Revels Oath of Office1870Oath
Horn Log, April 16, 19641964Civil Rights
Horn Log, April 6, 19641964Civil Rights
Horn Log, May 8, 19641964Civil Rights
Interview with Mike Mansfield (D-MT), April 19631963Civil Rights
Investigation of the Assault on Senator Charles Sumner, 18561856Civil War
Jay Treaty1795Treaties
Joint Committee on Reconstruction, 18661866Civil War
Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War Resolution and DebateCivil War
July 11, 1861: Senate Expels Ten Southern Members1861Civil War
Senate Report on the Kate Brown Incident, 18681808
Land Grant College Act1862Landmark Legislation
Land Ordinance of 17841784
Letter to Senator Tydings in support of Alaska Statehood 1946Statehood
Letter to Senator Tydings on Hawaii Statehood1946Statehood
Lincoln's Response to Senate's Request1861Civil War
Louisiana Purchase1803Treaties
Louisiana State Legislature Resolution for Direct Election1907Petitions; Direct Election
Madison's Notes from the Constitutional Convention (Jul 11, 1787)1787
Maiden Speech of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)1964Civil Rights
Memorial of Missouri Legislature for StatehoodStatehood
Morrill Land Grant College Act1862Civil War; Landmark Legislation
Morse Motion (Mar 26, 1964)1964Civil Rights
Nevada Constitution
Oregon State Legislature Resolution for Direct Election1899Direct Election
Organizing Resolution: March 8, 18611861Civil War
Pacific Railway Act1862Landmark Legislation
Pacific Railway Act of 1862 Last Page1862Landmark Legislation
Pages' Notebook Tracking Time Presiding on November 22, 19631963
Petition for Free PressPetitions; Civil War
Petition Requesting the Recognition of the Liberian Republic's IndependencePetitions
President Carter's Letter Regarding the Panama Canal TreatyTreaties
President Lincoln Calls Emergency Session1861Civil War
Printed Senate Resolution to Create Permanent Standing Committees (Dec 1816)1816Committees
Quorum Debate (1864)1864Civil War
Reconstruction Act of 18671867Civil War; Landmark Legislation
Report of the Committee on Patronage (including old soldiers roll)Civil War
Resolution Requesting the Dispatches of Major Robert Anderson1861Civil War
Roll Call Vote on Civil Rights Act (Jun 19, 1964)1964Civil Rights
Schedule of Floor Managers for H.R. 71521964Civil Rights
Seating VA’s Senators (Jul 13, 1861) 1861Civil War
Senate Journal, March 9, 19641964Civil Rights
Senate Revisions to House-Passed Bill of RightsConstitution
Senate Roll Call Vote on the 14th AmendmentLandmark Legislation; Constitution
Senate Vacancy ResolutionCivil War
Certificate of election for Barry M. Goldwater (R-AZ), 1974Election
Seventeenth Amendment1913Constitution; Elections; Landmark Legislation
Speech of Senator Charles Sumner on the Trent AffairCivil War
Speech of Senator Stephen Douglas before the Illinois Legislature (Apr 25, 1861)1861Civil War
Sumner Civil Rights Bill1964Civil Rights
The Homestead Act of 18621862Landmark Legislation
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 1787Constitution
The Old Soldier’s Roll of the Senate (S.Res. 72)Civil War
The Revenue Act of 18611861Civil War
The Test Oath, 1863: Senate Debate1863Civil War; Oath
Thirteenth Amendment1864Constitution; Landmark Legislation; Civil War
Transcript of Humphrey-Thurmond Televised Debate1964Civil Rights
Treaty of GhentTreaties
United States ConstitutionConstitution
Report of the Committee on Patronage Including the Old Soldiers' Roll (1919)1919Civil War; Committees
Letter from Sergeant at Arms Explaining Why Females Should Not Be Pages, 19611961
Declaration of War with Germany, WWI (S.J.Res. 1)1917War Powers
Declaration of War with Japan, WWII (S.J.Res. 116)1941War Powers
Declaration of War with Germany, WWII (S.J.Res. 119)1941War Powers
Declaration of War with Italy, WWII (S.J.Res. 120)1941War Powers
Secretary of the Senate Journal on President George Washington's Visit to the Senate Regarding the Treaty with the Southern Indians, August 22, 17891789Treaties
Senate Report on Admission of North Dakota (1888)1888Statehood; Constitution
Telegram from Montana State Legislature 1889Statehood; Constitution
Final Report of the Hearings on the Titanic Disaster1912Investigations
Treaties and other International Agreements: The Role of the Senate2001Treaties
Treaty of Paris, 17831783Treaties
Utah State Legislature Resolution for Direct Election1897Elections; Petitions
Voting Rights Act of 19651965Landmark Legislation
Volstead Act
Washington State Legislature Resolution for Direct Election1899Elections; Petitions
Wade Davis Bill (1864)1864Landmark Legislation
Declaration of War with Great Britain, 18121812War Powers
Message of President George Washington Requesting that the Senate Meet to Advise Him on the Terms of the Treaty to Be Negotiated with the Southern Indians, August 21, 17891789Treaties
Watergate Lawsuit: United States v. Nixon1973Investigations; Watergate
President Nixon's July 23rd Letter Refusing to Comply1973Investigations; Watergate
President Nixon's Letter of Resignation1974Investigation; Watergate
Subpoena for Watergate DocumentsInvestigations; Watergate
Subpoena for Watergate TapesInvestigations; Watergate
Women's Loyal National League PetitionCivil War
Maud Younger, “Revelations of a Woman Lobbyist,” McCall’s, 19191919Women