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George Washington at PrincetonPealeCharles Willson Peale (1741-1827)1779Oil on canvas
Henry LaurensAbbottLemuel Francis Abbott (1760 ca.-1802)1781 or 1784Oil on canvas
George WashingtonDunlapWilliam Dunlap (1766-1839)1783 ca.Pastel on paper
George WashingtonStuartGilbert Stuart (1755-1828)1796 ca. - 1798Oil on canvas
George WashingtonStuartGilbert Stuart (1755-1828)1796 ca. - 1805Oil on canvas
JusticeFranzoniCarlo Franzoni (1788-1819)1817Plaster
George Washington (Patriæ Pater)PealeRembrandt Peale (1778-1860)1824Oil on canvas
The Battle of Fort MoultrieWhiteJohn Blake White (1781-1859)1826Oil on canvas
John JayFrazeeJohn Frazee (1790-1852)1831Marble
Oliver EllsworthAugurHezekiah Augur (1791-1858)1837 ca.Marble
Eagle and ShieldUnknown Unknown1838 ca.Wood, gilded
John MarshallPowersHiram Powers (1805-1873)1839Marble
Willie P. MangumLambdinJames Reid Lambdin (1807-1889)1844Oil on canvas
Joseph GalesHealyGeorge Peter Alexander Healy (1813-1894)1844 ca.Oil on canvas
Niagara, The Table Rock–WinterGignouxFrançois Régis Gignoux (1816-1882)1847 ca.Oil on canvas
Daniel WebsterNagleRichard Francis Nagle (1835-1891 ca.)1849 ca.Oil on canvas
Henry ClayBrownHenry Kirke Brown (1814-1886)1852Bronze
Daniel WebsterBallThomas Ball (1819-1911)1853Bronze
Portrait of a Child with Moth (probably Kate Bennitt)BrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1853Oil on canvas
Aysh-ke-bah-ke-ko-zhay, or Flat MouthVincentiFrancis Vincenti1855 ca.Marble
Thomas CrawfordGagliardiTommaso Gagliardi (1820-1895)1855 ca. -1858Marble
Be sheekee, or BuffaloVincentiFrancis VincentiModeled 1855, Carved 1856Marble
Thomas JeffersonSullyThomas Sully (1783-1872)1856Oil on canvas
Tadeusz KościuszkoSaundersHenry Dmochowski Saunders (1810-1863)1857Marble
Casimir PulaskiSaundersHenry Dmochowski Saunders (1810-1863)1857Marble
Andrew JacksonSullyThomas Sully (1783-1872)1857 ca.Oil on canvas, mounted on board
Sketch, Death of General Montgomery and The Battle of LexingtonBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1857 ca.Oil on canvas
Sketch, General Mercer's Death by Bayonet Stroke and Storming of Stony Point, General Wayne Wounded in the Head, Carried into the FortBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1857 ca.Oil on canvas
Sketch, General Wooster at Ridgefield Mortally Wounded, Is Carried out of the Field and The Americans at Sagg [sic] Harbor Burned Twelve Brigs and Sloops, and [illegible] Bringing with Him Many PrisonersBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1857 ca.Oil on canvas
John RutledgeGaltAlexander Galt (1827-1863)1858Marble
Henry ClayBallThomas Ball (1819-1911)1858Bronze
The Battle of Chapultepec (Storming of Chapultepec)WalkerJames Walker (1819-1889)1858Oil on canvas
Henry ClayDarbyHenry F. Darby (1829-1897)1858 ca.Oil on canvas
John C. CalhounDarbyHenry F. Darby (1829-1897)1858 ca.Oil on canvas
Sketch, Liberty, Peace, Plenty, WarBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1858 ca.Oil on canvas
Justice and HistoryCrawfordThomas Crawford (1813/1814-1857)Modeled 1855 - 1856, Carved ca. 1858 - 1860Marble
Lola Germon BrumidiBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1860 ca.Oil on canvas
John HancockStoneHoratio Stone (1808-1875)1861Marble
Benjamin FranklinPowersHiram Powers (1805-1873)1862Marble
Sketch, TelegraphBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1862 ca.- 1867Oil on canvas
Sketch, HistoryBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1862 ca.- 1867Oil on canvas
Sketch, PhysicsBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1862 ca.- 1867Oil on canvas
First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation by President LincolnCarpenterFrancis Bicknell Carpenter (1830-1900)1864Oil on canvas
Henry Clay in the U.S. SenateStauntonPhineas Staunton (1817-1867)1866Oil on canvas
Abraham LincolnEnrico Podio Enrico Podio1866Enamel mosaic
Abraham LincolnAmesSarah Fisher Clampitt Ames (1817-1901)1868Marble
Ulysses S. GrantCogswellWilliam F. Cogswell (1819-1903)1868Oil on canvas
Fort Delaware, DelawareEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1870-1875Oil on canvas
Fort Knox, MaineEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1870-1875Oil on canvas
Fort Taylor, FloridaEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1870-1875Oil on canvas
Fort Trumbull, ConnecticutEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1870-1875Oil on canvas
Fort Mackinac, MichiganEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1872Oil on canvas
Fort Scammel and Fort Gorges, MaineEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1872Oil on canvas
Sketch, George Washington with Jefferson and HamiltonConstantino Brumidi (1805 -1880) Constantino Brumidi (1805 -1880)1872 ca.Oil on canvas
Charles SumnerIngallsWalter Ingalls (1805-1874)1873Oil on canvas
Battle of Lake EriePowellWilliam Henry Powell (1823-1879)1873Oil on canvas
Fort Defiance, New Mexico (now Arizona)EastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1873Oil on canvas
Sketch, Signing of the First Treaty of Peace with Great BritainBrumidiConstantino Brumidi (1805-1880)1874 ca.Oil on canvas
Charles SumnerMilmoreMartin Milmore (1844-1883)1875Marble
West Point, New YorkEastmanSeth Eastman (1808-1875)1875Oil on canvas
Isaac BassettThorpFreeman Thorp (1844-1922)1876Oil on canvas
Roger B. TaneySaint-GaudensAugustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907)1876/1877Marble
Lafayette FosterCalverleyCharles Calverley (1833-1914)1879Marble
The Florida Case before the Electoral CommissionFassettCornelia Adèle Strong Fassett (1831-1898)1879Oil on canvas
Abraham LincolnThorpFreeman Thorp (1844-1922)1879 ca. -1920Oil on canvas
John AdamsAndrewsEliphalet Frazer Andrews (1835-1915)1881Oil on canvas
James A. GarfieldSalviati, Burke & Co. Salviati, Burke & Co.1882Enamel mosaic
The Recall of ColumbusHeatonAugustus Goodyear Heaton (1844-1930)1882Oil on canvas
Giuseppe GaribaldiMarteganaGiuseppe Martegana1882 ca. -1887Marble
John Adams DixMorrellImogene Robinson Morrell (1818 ca.-1908)1883Oil on canvas
Justin MorrillJohnsonJonathan Eastman Johnson (1824-1906)1884Oil on canvas
Henry WilsonFrenchDaniel Chester French (1850-1931)Modeled 1855, Carved 1885Marble
James A. GarfieldNiehausCharles Henry Niehaus (1855-1935)1885 ca.Marble
Thomas JeffersonEzekielMoses Jacob Ezekiel (1844-1917)1888Marble
Hannibal HamlinSimmonsFranklin Bachelder Simmons (1839-1913)1889Marble
Thomas A. HendricksDunbarUlric Stonewall Jackson Dunbar (1862-1927)Modeled 1886, Carved 1890Marble
John AdamsFrenchDaniel Chester French (1850-1931)1890Marble
John Paul JonesMatthewsGeorge Bagby Matthews (1857-1943)1890 ca.Oil on canvas
William A. WheelerPotterEdward Clark Potter (1857-1923)1890 ca. -1892Marble
Daniel D. TompkinsNiehausCharles Henry Niehaus (1855-1935)1891Marble
Chester A. ArthurSaint-GaudensAugustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907)1891Marble
Levi P. MortonElwellFrank Edwin Elwell (1858-1922)1891Marble
Patrick HenryMatthewsGeorge Bagby Matthews (1857-1943)1891 ca.Oil on canvas
Elbridge GerryAdamsHerbert Samuel Adams (1858-1945)Modeled 1891/1892, Carved 1892Marble
Aaron BurrJouvenalJacques Jouvenal (1829-1905)1893Marble
George M. DallasEllicottHenry Jackson Ellicott (1847-1901)Modeled 1893, Carved 1893Marble
John MorganGutherzCarl Gutherz (1844-1907)1893Oil on canvas
George ClintonCianiVittorio A. Ciani (1858-1908)Modeled 1893, Carved 1894Marble
Martin Van BurenDunbarUlric Stonewall Jackson Dunbar (1862-1927)1894Marble
Adlai E. StevensonSimmonsFranklin Bachelder Simmons (1839-1913)1894Marble
Millard FillmoreCushingRobert Cushing (1841-1896)Modeled 1894, Carved 1895Marble
Richard M. JohnsonVoorheesJames Paxton Voorhees (1855 ca.-1936)Modeled 1895, Carved 1895Marble
John C. CalhounMillsTheodore Augustus Mills (1839-1916)Modeled ca. 1887, Carved 1896Marble
William R. KingMcCauslenWilliam C. McCauslen (1860-1929)Modeled 1896, Carved 1896Marble
John C. BreckinridgeVoorheesJames Paxton Voorhees (1855-1936)1896Marble
Schuyler ColfaxGoodwinFrances Murphy Goodwin (1855-1929)1896/1897Marble
John TylerMcCauslenWilliam C. McCauslen (1860-1929)Modeled 1896, Carved 1898Marble
Spending Uncle Sam's MoneyWalkerT. Dart Walker (1869-1914)1899 ca.Watercolor on board
Andrew JohnsonMcCauslenWilliam C. McCauslen (1860-1929)Modeled 1900, Carved 1900Marble
Garret Augustus HobartElwellFrancis Edwin Elwell (1858-1922)Modeled 1900, Carved 1901Marble
Zachary TaylorUnknown Unknown19th centuryMarble
William McKinleyCadwalader GuildEmma Marie Cadwalader Guild (1843-1911)1901Bronze
John Paul JonesHoudonJean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828)Modeled 1780, Cast 1904Bronze
George Washington Memorial WindowHerndlMaria Herndl (1860-1912)1904 ca.Stained lead glass
Charles W. FairbanksSimmonsFranklin Bachelder Simmons (1839-1913)1905Marble
William AllisonReaserWilbur Aaron Reaser (1860-1942)1908 ca.Oil on canvas
Theodore RooseveltFraserJames Earle Fraser (1876-1953)1910Marble
James S. ShermanPotter VonnohBessie Onahotema Potter Vonnoh (1872-1955)Modeled 1910, Carved 1911Marble
Arthur P. GormanDieterichLouis P. Dieterich (1841/1842 ca.-1922)1911Oil on canvas
James LatimerHammittClawson Shakespeare Hammitt (1857-1927)1914 ca.Oil on canvas
Henry LatimerHammittClawson Shakespeare Hammitt (1857-1927)1916Oil on canvas
John LangdonBurdetteHattie Elizabeth Burdette (1872-1955)1916Oil on canvas
Thomas R. MarshallDykaarMoses A. Wainer Dykaar (1884-1933)1918Marble
James BryceDickSir William Reid Dick (1879-1961)1922Bronze
Calvin CoolidgeDykaarMoses A. Wainer Dykaar (1884-1933)Modeled 1924/1925, Carved 1927Marble
Charles G. DawesDavidsonJo Davidson (1883-1952)1930Marble
Charles CurtisWainer DykaarMoses A. Wainer Dykaar (1884-1933)Modeled 1929, Carved 1934Marble
Harry S. TrumanKeckCharles Keck (1875-1951)Modeled 1946, Carved 1947Marble
Joseph T. RobinsonBrewerNicholas Richard Brewer (1857-1949)1934Oil on canvas
Leiv Eiriksson Discovers America A.D. 1000KrohgPer Lasson Krohg (1889-1965)1936Oil on canvas
John Nance GarnerChristyHoward Chandler Christy (1873-1952)1937Oil on canvas
Morris SheppardGordonBoris Barnhard Gordon (1890-1976)1941Oil on canvas
John Nance GarnerFraserJames Earle Fraser (1876-1953)1943Marble
Cordell HullConlonGeorge Conlon (1888-1980)1944/1945Bronze
Charles L. McNaryMedinaHenrique Medina (1901-1988)1946Oil on canvas
Henry A. WallaceDavidsonJo Davidson (1883-1952)1947Marble
CourageLawrieLee Oskar Lawrie (1877-1963)Modeled 1950, Carved 1950Marble
PatriotismLawrieLee Oscar Lawrie (1877-1963)Modeled 1950, Carved 1950Marble
WisdomLawrieLee Oscar Lawrie (1877-1963)Modeled 1950, Carved 1950Marble
Robert A. TaftBernatschkeRudolf Anton Bernatschke (1913-2010)1953Oil on canvas
Alben W. BarkleyKallioKalervo Kallio (1909-1969)Modeled 1957, Carved 1958Marble
Daniel WebsterLambAdrian S. Lamb1958Oil on canvas
Henry ClayCoxAllyn Cox1958Oil on canvas
Robert A. TaftKellerDeane Keller1958Oil on canvas
John C. CalhounSchmalz ConradArthur E. Schmalz Conrad1958Oil on canvas
Robert M. La FolletteLa FolletteRobert Chester La Follette1958Oil on canvas
Richard M. NixonRocchiGualberto Rocchi (1914-2018)Modeled 1965, Carved 1966Marble
Lyndon B. JohnsonmasonJIMILU mason (1930-2019)Modeled 1966 - Carved 1966Marble
Constantino BrumidimasonJIMILU mason (1930-2019)Modeled 1967, Carved 1967Marble
Kenneth S. WherryHarlanRoma Christine Harlan (1912-2003)1968Oil on canvas
America's First Moon Landing, July 21, 1969CoxAllyn Cox (1896-1982)1975Oil on canvas
Maquette, Mountains and CloudsCalder Alexander Calder (1898-1976)1976Sheet metal and wire
Nelson AldrichKiehartPaul Peter Kiehart (1913-2003)1976Oil on canvas
Mike MansfieldShiklerAaron Shikler (1922-2015)1978Oil on canvas
Hugh ScottOwenChestine (Chris) L. Owen (1920-2011)1981Oil on canvas
Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr.HancockWalker Kirtland Hancock (1901-1998)Modeled 1982, Carved 1982Marble
Everett McKinley DirksenHarrymanRichard Hood Harryman (1928-2014)1984Oil on canvas
Howard Baker, Jr.AbramsHerbert Elmer Abrams (1921-2003)1984Oil on canvas
Carl HaydenRolph IIIMiles Stafford Rolph III (1936-1997)1985Bronze
Gerald R. FordHancockWalker Kirtland Hancock (1901-1998)Modeled 1984, Carved 1985Marble
Henry JacksonRossWendy M. Ross (1946-Present)1985Bronze
Nelson A. RockefellerCalabróJohn Calabró (1908-1994)Modeled 1984, Carved 1987Marble
Walter F. MondaleNelsonJudson R. Nelson (1943-Present)Modeled 1987, Carved 1987Marble
The Space Shuttle ChallengerSchmidtCharles Schmidt (1939-Present)1987Oil on canvas
Mountains and CloudsCalderAlexander Calder (1898-1976)Designed 1976, Completed 1986Painted aluminum and steel
George H. W. BushHancock Walker Kirtland Hancock (1901-1998)Modeled 1990, Carved 1990Marble
Spiro T. AgnewBehrendsWilliam Frederick Behrends (1946-Present)Modeled 1993, Carved 1995Marble
Richard B. Russell Memorial StatueHartFrederick E. Hart (1943-1999)1995Marble
Hattie CarawayBuckleyJohn Oliver Buckley (1941-Present)1996Oil on canvas
Study Sketch, Hattie CarawayBuckleyJohn Oliver Buckley (1941-Present)1996Oil on canvas
Study Sketch, Hattie CarawayBuckleyJohn Oliver Buckley (1941-Present)1996Oil on canvas
Study Sketch, Hattie CarawayBuckleyJohn Oliver Buckley (1941-Present)1996Oil on canvas
Alabaster Polar Bear FigurineUnidentified Unidentified1996 ca.Alabaster
Strom ThurmondHartFrederick E. Hart (1943-1999)1997Bronze
Jade Bird FigurineUnidentified Unidentified1998 ca.Jade, wood
Blanche Kelso BruceKnoxSimmie Lee Knox (1935-Present)2001Oil on canvas
James EastlandAbramsHerbert Elmer Abrams (1921-2003)2001Oil on canvas
J. Danforth QuayleHartFrederick E. Hart (1943-1999)Modeled 2000, Carved 2002Marble
Silk Embroidered Still LifeUnidentified Unidentified2002 ca.Silk
Arthur H. VandenbergNealMichael Shane Neal2004Oil on canvas
Robert F. WagnerPolsonSteven Polson2004Oil on canvas
Margaret Chase SmithFrontinRonald Frontin (1962-Present)2005Oil on canvas
George J. MitchellMageeAlan Magee2005Oil on board
Robert J. DoleKinstlerEverett Raymond Kinstler (1926-2019)2006Oil on canvas
The Connecticut CompromiseStevensBradley Stevens2006Oil on canvas
Thomas A. DaschleShiklerAaron Shikler (1922-2015)2007Oil on canvas
Robert C. ByrdNealMichael Shane Neal2007Oil on canvas
Trent LottPolsonSteven Polson2009Oil on canvas
William H. FristNeal Michael Shane Neal (1968-Present)2010Oil on canvas
[Desert scene]Unidentified Unidentified2012 ca.Gold, silver, lapis
Richard B. CheneyBehrendsWilliam Frederick Behrends (1946-Present)Modeled 2013, Carved 2015Marble
Harry ReidGlakasGavin Glakas (1975-Present)2016Oil on canvas
Albert A. Gore, Jr.BehrendsWilliam Frederick Behrends (1946-Present)Modeled 2016, Carved 2017Marble
Ted StevensLarsonDean Larson (1957-Present)2018Oil on canvas
George WashingtonUnknown Unknownn. d.Marble
PocahontasUnknown Unknownn. d.Oil on canvas
J. Hamilton LewisBettsLouis Betts (1873-1961)n. d.Oil on canvas
Daniel WebsterWrightJames Henry Wright (1813-1883)n. d.Oil on canvas
Lee Slater OvermanUnknown Unknownn. d.Oil on canvas
Nicholas Van DykeChalfantJefferson Davis Chalfant (1856-1931)n. d.Oil on canvas
Mrs. Motte Directing Generals Marion and Lee to Burn Her Mansion to Dislodge the BritishWhiteJohn Blake White (1781-1859)n. d.Oil on canvas
General Marion Inviting a British Officer to Share His MealWhiteJohn Blake White (1781-1859)n. d.Oil on canvas
Sergeants Jasper and Newton Rescuing American Prisoners from the BritishWhiteJohn Blake White (1781-1859)n. d.Oil on canvas